TRIM Cleanse

TRIM Cleanse (1 Day)


TRIM Cleanse (1 Day)

Our Trim Cleanse is designed to give you that extra lift while trimming excess calories out of your daily diet. The Trim Cleanse program consists of the lowest calorie cold pressed juice from each of our six core categories (Detox, Boost, Cleanse, Glow, Renew, Nourish). Diverse in flavor and nutrients, our Trim Cleanse will help you kick lethargy and make you feel brighter while shrinking your waistline.

Juices Included (6)

Below are the 6 x 475ml cold pressed juices included in our TRIM Cleanse.

  1. TURMERIC SUNRISE: Orange, Turmeric, Carrot
  2. CHIA BERRY: Chia Seeds, Strawberry, Lemon, Alkaline H2O, Date
  3. GINGER BREEZE: Carrot, Ginger, Apple
  4. WATERMELON BLISS: Watermelon, Apple, Orange
  5. ESSENTIAL GREENS: Celery, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale, Apple, Mint
  6. CASHEW MILK: Cashew, Cinnamon, Date, Vanilla, Alkaline H2O
Pre Juice Cleanse Guidelines
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During Your Juice Cleanse
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After the Juice Cleanse
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