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November 27, 2017
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About Probiotics

Do you know Smoothie Factory's frozen yogurt contains probiotics?

Inside the human body, there are 20 times the number of microorganisms as living cells and they have a significant role in keeping us healthy. Having the right type of bacteria, in adequate numbers, is crucial for everything from healthy digestion to keeping the immune system strong to constantly fighting infection.  

Conversely, the wrong kind of bacteria (i.e. the unsafe or pathogenic kind) can either cause disease or produce toxic substances that cause inflammation and illness if permitted to thrive, especially in digestive tract.  

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, which are the “Friendly bacteria”, competes with the bad bacterias for space and food to restrict their growth, keeping our body healthy. 

The way to great wellbeing is consequently to keep up the sensitive harmony amongst great and awful microorganisms, which would so be able to effortlessly be upset by factors including sickness, anti-infection agents, push, age, travel, pregnancy, horrible eating routine, sustenance hypersensitivities and others. The abundance of unsafe gut vegetation – a typical marvel – is alluded to as dysbiosis.  

Keeping both good and bad bacterias in balance is the key to healthy wellbeing, which can be easily disrupted by various factors, including antibiotics, illness, stress, age, travel, poor diet, pregnancy, good allergies and etc. One of the common phenomenon: Overgrowth of harmful gut flora, is known as dysbiosis. 

Some of the demonstrated benefits of probiotics include:  

  • boost digestion 
  • improved vitamin production 
  • maintain healthy cholesterol levels  
  • balanced hormones  
  • stronger immunity 
  • Increase infections resistance  
  • relief Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms 
  • alleviation from thrush symptoms


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