Financing your new Smoothie Factory Franchise has never been easier. We have partnered with a few franchise specialists to bring you various options to help you finance your new franchise today.

Our specialists have been providing franchise finance solutions within the hospitality industry for almost a decade. Backed by a publically listed non-bank underwriter, our franchise specialists have tailored three flexible solutions to help you become a Smoothie Factory Franchisee.

The major banks tend to shy away from new business ventures. They also usually require you to secure the loan against your property. Unlike the major banks, our specialists can help you organize finance through their non-banking underwriter who make it much easier for new businesses to get started.

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Let us help you organize finance for your new Smoothie Factory Franchise.

Contact us now to discuss how easy it is to apply for finance.

For more information on financing please tick checkbox under "Please tick if you require financing from our franchise specialists" in application form.