The History of Smoothies – Part 2
September 5, 2016
The History of Smoothies – Part 4
September 19, 2016

The History of Smoothies – Part 3

When was the first smoothie made?

Smoothies aren’t an American invention. They go back centuries to cultures around the world, and then to South America as a “fruit slush”. But it’s safe to say that the American smoothies, a pureed fruit drink, began in the early 1920’s when Julius Freed, another young man with a sensitive stomach, began looking for a way to enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice. His stomach couldn’t handle the acidity of fresh squeezed oranges, so he found a way and a few choice ingredients to make them less acidic and a little frothy. His friends loved them and said, “Give me an orange, Julius”, and thus his store, the “Orange Julius” was born.

Seizing on the idea and the concept of pureed fruit juices from Brazil and other countries, different people created different recipes. The invention of the blender and the refrigerator simply made the drink more popular and more accessible to more people.

To be continued……

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