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Not all Protein Balls are created equally

Taste the wholesome goodness in Smoothie Factory Protein Balls

Protein balls are such a versatile snack. Regardless of striving to fight off cravings and hunger after a workout, satisfy a late-night sweet tooth, or increase more protein into your diet, these delicious, healthy treats truly pack a nutritious punch.


1Nutrients Packed

Smoothie Factory Protein Balls are packed with perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. They also contain superfoods like coconut and cocoa, making them extremely nutrient dense.


The key to exercise nutrition is simple: Consume carbohydrate based snacks before workout and a protein plus carbohydrate combination after workout. Carbohydrates provide energy to power you through your training sessions, while a protein/carbohydrate combination after training will help your body to repair, recover and refuel. Smoothie Factory Protein Balls are the most ideal pre and post training options as they provide both carbohydrates and protein. 

You should be consuming your Smoothie Factory Protein Balls 60 minutes before workout. This will give your digestive system time to digest and provide your body with the energy to workout. Smoothie Factory Protein Balls contain the perfect amount of calories to fuel your body without burdening your digestive system.


Why are chemicals in protein bars/balls harmful for us?

Artificial chemicals, added substances and sweeteners can have negative effect to our wellbeing. Some artificial sweeteners can cause gastrointestinal and neurological issues. Artificial colours can affect mood and behaviour, and certain preservatives can cause antagonistic reactions including bronchial issues and asthma. As human we should be consuming natural foods as close to nature as possible.  

This can be truly confusing as natural ingredients can have uncommon names, for instance tocopherol is another word for vitamin E frequently used an antioxidant. The easiest way to identify ingredients is to look for numbers. If a product contains long list of uncommon names and numbers then it is mostly likely not natural based. We suggest research on ingredients you are not familiar with, which is a way to educate ourselves as we need to understand what we are putting into our body. 

2No Preservatives

Smoothie Factory Protein Balls are made fresh in our stores and contain ZERO preservatives.


Smoothie Factory Protein Balls are formulated as healthy snacks to be included between meals or pre/post workout, and should also be enjoyed as part of active lifestyle and balanced diet. Seasonal vegetables, natural protein and healthy fats should be part of main meals, with Smoothie Factory Protein Balls fit in the gaps. 

For busy, active people Smoothie Factory Protein Balls contain perfect amount of carbohydrates to consume for snack. Consuming a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat provide slow release of energy, which is ideal for managing our glucose and energy levels. 


Visit our Grand Plaza store TODAY and get your healthy snack fix for just $5! (3 protein balls, available in 3 flavours: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Dates and Nuts and Cranberry Coconut).

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