Founded by James Villasana, an Olympic athlete who loved sports, health, and wellness

Our Founding

Before becoming an Olympic athlete, James struggled to find healthy and nutritious meal options served quickly and at affordable prices. While training, he knew the health benefits that whole foods and real fruits (without concentrates, purees, sorbets, or excessive sugar) could have on athletic performance and recovery. So he sought to create smoothies made at home with better ingredients, better nutrition, and a better taste.

He found himself making smoothies for friends, family, and team mates and offering advice on nutrition. They wondered why his smoothies tasted so good but the answer was simple. The best tasting and most nutritious smoothies come from using only real fruits - and lots of them. Over the years, they encouraged him to open his own store and share his recipes with others.

In 1996, James Villasana and three partners opened the very first Smoothie Factory store which was a huge success, so much so that he began franchising the very next year. He and franchise owners were commited to providing the best quality in every smoothie - a promise that Smoothie Factory has been delivering for over 20 years.